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Common quality defects of curtain wall engineering and solutions

In recent years, with the emergence of new processes and new materials in the construction industry, major real estate groups are increasingly pursuing brand influence and building quality. As a good partner of high-rise and super high-rise buildings, the curtain wall is also the focus of everyone's attention to the common quality problems in the project.

  Today's editor of Zhongkai Construction made a summary of the causes and solutions of common quality problems in curtain wall engineering.

  The most common 5 types of common quality problems: curtain wall system watertightness and airtightness do not meet the requirements (structural water leakage, air leakage); horizontal and vertical frame installation accuracy problems; vibration and noise; materials do not meet the requirements; finish quality problems.

The water tightness and air tightness of the curtain wall system do not meet the requirements

Cause Analysis:

  The structure design of the curtain wall system is unreasonable, the node design is unreasonable, and the plate structure design is unreasonable;

   The materials used are unqualified;

   The material factory's processing accuracy and quality are not strictly controlled;

   The quality of the on-site installation is not good, the construction process is unreasonable, the process is improper, and human factors cause it.


   In the design of the plan, focus on the selection of water leakage prevention schemes and waterproof materials, and optimize the design scheme;

  Strictly review the waterproof nodes and strictly check when the curtain wall is deepened;

   Do a good job of technical disclosure and strictly implement construction model management;

  Strengthen acceptance of materials and quality control;

  Construction measures and installation process should be scientific and reasonable;

   Make a record of the acceptance of concealed works and special acceptance of each part.

The installation accuracy of horizontal and vertical frames

Cause Analysis:

   There is an error in measuring the pay-off;

   Inaccurate installation and positioning of the reference layer;

   Out-of-tolerance or accumulated error out-of-tolerance in connection with the main body;

  The vertical frame and vertical frame are connected with out of tolerance or accumulated error out of tolerance;

  The vertical frame and horizontal frame are connected with out of tolerance or error out of tolerance.


   Formulate a reasonable pay-off plan and control the pay-off accuracy;

   Control the quality of installation and choose a reputable construction team and curtain wall management team.

Vibration and noise

Cause Analysis:

  The structural design of the curtain wall system is unreasonable (windows or opening fans are divided too much, there are few lock points, the cross-sectional size of the curtain wall profile is small and the wall thickness is thin);

   Improper on-site installation process, incorrect process, resulting in missing materials;

Installation management is not in place, installation quality is unqualified (the interlayer sealing quality is not good, there is no glue at the expansion joint of the vertical frame, there is no glue between the adapter and the vertical frame and the horizontal frame, and there is no pad between the adapter and the vertical frame There are gaps in the film or installation, there is no cushion between the glass and the frame, and there is no gasket on the stone curtain wall, etc.).


  Choose a reputable curtain wall project management team when bidding;

  Optimized design scheme (reducing or reducing the opening fan size, increasing the hardware lock points);

  Identify construction technical quality problems through construction samples, strictly control quality standards, and strengthen installation quality inspection and acceptance.

The material does not meet the requirements

Cause Analysis:

  During the design and bidding, the material positioning is vague and there is space to drill;

  Curtain wall manufacturers did not process materials according to the contract, or reduce the technical standards, and did not process the purchased materials according to the specifications and drawings;

   Inadequate material transportation and on-site management caused secondary damage;

   Material sample submission and on-site acceptance management are not in place, etc.


   Strictly check the bidding, write down the technical requirements, strictly limit the brand of materials and do the bidding review;

   Avoid the technical lowering standards of the construction unit, strictly review the drawings when deepening the design, and require the model, specifications, configuration and composition of the materials to be clearly marked;

   Do a good job of submitting samples and confirming the materials when bidding;

  Strengthen the quality inspection and inspection and acceptance of materials entering the site, and do a good job of quality inspection and acceptance of materials during the construction process.

Facing quality problems

  Finishing quality problems include: uneven finishing, wave reflection, inadequate sealing and gluing, lack of edges and corners of stone, and color difference of finishing. Each one is related to other common quality problems of the curtain wall. For example, the quality problem of sealing and glue directly affects the airtightness and watertightness of the curtain wall, and the uneven finish and wave reflection directly affect the architectural effect.

Uneven finish and wave reflection

Cause Analysis:

  The factory's processing accuracy and quality are not strictly controlled, the facing material itself is not flat, and the flatness is too bad;

  Large deformations that are difficult to eliminate: stress deformation of aluminum plates, deformation of stone lattice creep, waves caused by glass tempering, etc., unevenness and uneven reflection;

   The quality of on-site installation, the accuracy of the horizontal and vertical frame installation, the positioning of the decorative surface is inaccurate, and the pressing block is not tight enough.


  Reasonably reduce the grid size during scheme design and deepening design to make the material size uniform and reduce the difficulty of processing and installation;

   Do a good job in the management of material transportation, storage and installation;

   Strict construction model first system, strengthen on-site quality inspection and acceptance.

The quality of sealant

Cause Analysis:

   The distance and flatness between the decorative panel blocks are not good, which affects the width of the glue seam;

  The installation accuracy of the horizontal and vertical frames is not good, which directly affects the quality of the width of the veneer glue;

   There is no foam strip in the seam or the foam strip that does not match the width of the seam, which affects the width of the glue seam.


  Implement the construction model first system, and do not take up the job until the rubber worker is trained and evaluated;

  Control installation quality, strengthen quality inspection and acceptance;

   Choose a reputable construction team and curtain wall management team.

Stone edges and corners

Cause Analysis:

  Stone processing design or installation plan is unreasonable and easily damaged;

   The factory inspection is not strictly controlled, the packing method is wrong or the factory transportation is not properly stored;

   The installation management is not in place, improper storage and handling, or knocking damage caused by the installation process.


  Optimize the design plan, choose the strongest stone as much as possible, the design thickness should not be less than 30mm, etc.;

  Manufacturing at the factory and closing the factory; the stone transportation, on-site storage, installation and other processes should be handled lightly, and the bottom of the stone can be placed on soft square wood to avoid fluting.

Facing chromatic aberration

Cause Analysis:

  The quality of the material is not good, and there is no pre-arrangement of stone processing;

  Materials are processed in batches (glasses are not in the same furnace number, aluminum plates are not in the same batch spraying or stress deformation, stone is not in the same vein);

  The material is deformed in the later period, the flatness of the decorative panel is too poor, the glass backing is not flat, and the installation and management are not in place.


  Manufacturing in the factory, making the stone pre-arrangement board of the manufacturer, and closing the factory, then the stone wool material can be ordered and processed at one time;

  Reduce the order batch of aluminum plates, reduce the impact of spraying, and shorten the installation cycle as much as possible to reduce the effect of oxidation and discoloration;

   Try to limit the glass manufacturers with good technical ability and process the original glass as much as possible to control the quality of glass deep processing;

  Strengthen the quality inspection and acceptance of materials before entering the site and before installation, as far as possible, do a good job of pre-arranging the stone site.

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