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How to distinguish good and bad glass blocks?

1、First of all, we must pay attention to the weight of the glass brick, the weight of the glass brick is 2.4KG/hp, because the thickness of the glass is directly related to the strength of the glass. For example, in Germany and many western countries, they regard products with less than 2.4KG as unqualified products.

2、Appearance: The appearance quality of hollow glass bricks does not allow cracks. The appearance of glass bricks is transparent and white. The two planes are horizontal. The concave surface of the glass brick should be less than 1 mm and the convexity should be less than 2 mm. No surface defects such as warpage, notches, burrs, etc., the angle should be square.

3、Inner: opaque unmelted material is not allowed in the glass body, and the fusion and adhesion between the two glass bodies are not allowed. Visual inspection of the brick body should not have layered streaks caused by corrugations, bubbles and uneven materials in the glass blank.

4、Size: The normal size is a cube of 190X190X80mm, if the diagonal is different, it is a non-conforming product.

5、Color: pure white and bright. If you buy color bricks, pay attention to whether it is the color of the glass body. If it is not easy to discolor, this level is very important.

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