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On the difference between glass curtain wall and aluminum alloy doors and windows

  For a long time, the industry has been unable to unify the definition of curtain walls, doors and windows. Both belong to the building maintenance structure, and they do not share the burden of the main structure. Some boundary practices make qualitative doors and windows or curtain walls a problem. In order to ensure the appearance and consider cost savings, many companies often use door and window materials to design and produce curtain wall effects. To a certain extent, not only will it cause trouble for construction acceptance, but also the maintenance structure made by this will also bury hidden dangers for safety . In order to avoid the continuation of this kind of situation, the concept of glass curtain wall is clearly defined in the line standard "Glass Curtain Wall Engineering Technical Specification" (JGJ102-2003): it is composed of a supporting structure system and a panel, and has a certain displacement capacity relative to the main structure , Outside the building maintenance structure or decoration line structure that does not share the role of the main structure.

  There is a point mentioned here: there is a certain displacement capacity relative to the main structure. Doors and windows, as a maintenance component of the support in the opening of the main structure, cannot meet the ability of a certain displacement relative to the main structure. In the curtain wall design, the whole frame is hung on the outside of the main structure, and the construction measures such as expansion joints can ensure the relative displacement.

  The difference between standard specifications

  The country introduced "Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows" (GBT8478-2008) as the latest national standard for doors and windows. Each province and region has its own provincial (landmark) standard. For example, Jiangsu Province "Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows Engineering Technical Regulations" (DGJ32/J07-2005), Guangdong Province "Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows Engineering Design, Construction and Acceptance Specifications" (DBJ15-30-2002), etc. Under the premise of the national standard requirements, it is necessary to meet the requirements of the provincial standards of various regions as far as possible to ensure that the local acceptance is qualified. "Airtightness, watertightness, wind pressure resistance performance classification and testing methods for exterior doors and windows of buildings" (GBT7106-2008) is the latest national standard for the performance testing and grading of doors and windows. "Glass Curtain Wall Engineering Technical Specification" (JGJ102-2003) has always been the leader of the curtain wall industry standard, and has been widely recognized by the industry. The national standard "Architectural Curtain Wall" GB/T21086-2007 has more comprehensively elaborated and agreed on the curtain wall system; "Building Curtain Wall" (GB/T21086-2007), "Architectural Curtain Wall Airtightness, Watertightness, Wind Pressure Resistance Performance Testing Method" (GB/T15227-2007) provides the basis and method for curtain wall engineering performance testing and grading, etc.

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