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What are the types of Jinghua hollow glass block partitions?

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The thermal resistance of the single-layer glass brick wall in the market is R = 0.17m2*K/W, and the thermal conductivity coefficient of the single-layer glass brick is K = 3.1W/(m2*K) In summer and places with strong sunshine, the use of glass bricks can achieve the dual effects of lighting and heat insulation. Secondly, Jinghua hollow glass brick has good fire resistance. According to Japanese regulations, single-layer walls are recognized to have the same performance as Class B fire doors, and double-layer walls are recognized to have one-hour fire resistance. At both ends of the glass partition wall and the wings of the metal profile, there should be a sliding joint with a width of not less than 4mm, and the joint is filled with linoleum; there should be an expansion joint with a width of not less than 10mm on the ventral surface of the glass partition and the profile to avoid damage to the glass brick partition wall.

The top layer of Jinghua hollow glass bricks should extend into the top metal profile slot 10~25mm to avoid the glass bricks being broken due to rigid extrusion. In addition, glass mosaic tiles, or glass mosaics, are a small-sized material. In addition to being used for partition walls, there are also figures on the outer walls, floors, etc. The size is generally 20×20×4mm, the back is slightly concave, and the sides are inclined.

Jinghua hollow glass mosaic tile partition is non-absorbent, smooth surface, easy to clean, economical, beautiful, practical, small size, light weight, simple and convenient construction.

In recent years, due to the rapid development of China's economy, the national economy and tourism have developed vigorously. Especially in recent years, there have been more and more high-end public and civil buildings, and the excellent characteristics of Jinghua hollow glass bricks have become increasingly prominent. It has gradually become a fashionable architectural decoration The material has become a new favorite of designers, builders and homes, especially the Jinghua glass brick produced by Dezhou Zhenhua Decorative Glass Co., Ltd., which has attracted much attention.

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