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Calculation of the number of glass blocks and supports

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一、This method is based on grouting construction.

  二、The calculation follows the principle of "reducing complexity to simplicity", trying to simplify the complex wall into the simplest wall.

  三、The seam is an indispensable part of the glass brick wall structure. The seam not only affects the appearance of the glass brick wall, but also plays a great role in the structural performance of the glass brick wall. We divide the seam of the glass brick wall into two parts, the structural seam and the beautification seam. The structural seam is a hidden project inside the glass brick wall, which plays a role of filling and connection. The structural seam determines the structure and firmness of the glass brick wall. The glass bricks are recessed on the sides and sprayed with protective paint. It is recommended to use #425 black cement mortar for structural joint construction. The beautification joint is exposed outside the glass brick wall, which is the “face project” of the glass brick wall. The traditional construction is done with white cement mortar, but now there are many choices. The caulking materials for mosaics and tiles can be used for the beautification joints of glass brick walls.

  四、Plastic bracket is used for auxiliary construction. Although it is not a necessary item, the bracket is cheap and can make the construction simple, which can save labor and construction time. At the same time, it also makes the gap of the glass brick uniform, horizontal and vertical, and beautiful appearance. The specification of the bracket depends on two parameters, one is the thickness of the glass brick, and the other is the width of the gap between the glass bricks.

  五、The construction method of PVC support, the limitation conditions applicable to this calculation method are: change to the case where the difference between the top, bottom, left and right is 10MM or 0MM, the thickness of the glass brick is 80MM, and the width of the slit is 10MM.

  六、Because the glass brick is not easy to cut, and even cutting will partially destroy the performance and appearance of the glass brick. Please reserve a hole in the glass brick wall before construction and do a good design before proceeding. The calculation of the reserved size of the glass brick wall hole is like this, using the size of the glass brick (in MM) plus the commonly used joint width (13MM, 10MM, 6MM, 3MM) and multiplying the relevant integer to get the general size of the wall, The reserved size is better than the calculated size with a surplus of about 6mm.

If there is an error in the size of the opening of the reserved wall hole, use cement mortar to make up the wall, and you can knock out part of the wall to fit the size of the glass brick wall structure.

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