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Construction method of glass block partition

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The glass brick partition is popular with many families because of its beautiful appearance. The glass brick partition wall is especially suitable for summer, because it is crystal clear and can create a cold and cool effect for the vision. So, let's take a look at how to install such glass brick partitions.

Construction method of glass brick partition

1、The glass bricks should be built on the foundation reinforced with two f6~f8 steel bars. The base height should not be greater than 150mm, and the width should be greater than the thickness of the glass brick by more than 20mm.

2、Metal profiles should be used on the top and both ends of the glass brick partition wall, and the width of the guillotine should be greater than the thickness of the brick by more than 10-18mm.

3、When the length or height of the partition is greater than 1500mm, set a steel bar every two layers in the vertical direction (when the length and height exceed 1500mm, set two steel bars); set a steel bar every three vertical joints in the horizontal direction. Reinforcement extending into the slot is not less than 35mm. The height of the glass brick reinforced with steel bars shall not exceed 4m.

4、At both ends of the glass partition wall and the wings of the metal profile, there should be a sliding joint with a width of not less than 4mm, and the joint is filled with linoleum; there should be an expansion joint with a width of not less than 10mm on the ventral surface of the glass partition and the profile to avoid damage to the glass brick partition wall.

5、The top layer of glass bricks should extend into the top metal profile slot by 10~25mm to prevent the glass bricks from being crushed by rigid extrusion.

6、The joint between glass bricks shall not be less than 10mm and not more than 30mm.

7、The joints of glass brick and profile, and profile and building should be sealed with elastic sealant.

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