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Construction method of Jinghua hollow glass block

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  At present, the popular Jinghua glass bricks on the market mainly include glass facing bricks, glass mosaic tiles (mosaic tiles) and hollow glass bricks. Due to the characteristics of Jinghua glass products, there are also many areas for lighting and waterproof functions. Conventional brick (190*190*80mm) small brick (145*145*80mm) thick brick (190*190*95mm, 145*145*95mm) special specification brick (240*240*80mm, 190*90*80mm)。

  Jinghua glass brick construction materials: white cement 10KG, fine sand 10KG, construction glue 0.3KG, water 3KG, mixed into mortar according to the ratio. Then cut the cross positioning frame into "T" and "L" to meet the needs of each part. Jinghua glass bricks should be built on the foundation reinforced with two f6~f8 steel bars. The base height should not be greater than 150mm, and the width should be greater than the thickness of the glass brick by more than 20mm.

Metal profile is used on the top and both ends of Jinghua glass brick partition wall, and the width of the gap should be greater than the thickness of the brick by more than 10-18mm. Hefei Jinghua glass brick can be used for double-layer fog glass brick partition wall. In order to obtain good lighting effect, sound insulation, heat insulation, energy saving, and a sense of continuity in the haze, the double-layer fog glass brick partition wall has become a part of the decoration of the wall Fashion choice.

Jinghua glass bricks can also be used in corridors and passages: the application of corridors solves the contradiction between lighting and safety, and only requires a glass brick wall even if the wall is a window. The area is designed with glass bricks to reduce the sense of depression in the space, and the application of glass bricks in this area will never undermine the mission.

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