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The definition of Jinghua hollow glass block and the prospect of its use effect

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Jinghua hollow glass bricks are block-shaped, hollow glass products made of transparent or colored glass or glazed products with block-shaped surfaces. Jinghua glass brick embeds the side walls of two concave half glass brick blanks into the groove of a thermoplastic plastic ring with a H-shaped cross section. With the help of sealing material, the surface of the mold is softened under the action of temperature and extrusion The two concave half glass brick blanks are firmly bonded together to form an integral hollow glass brick.

The bonding method of Jinghua glass bricks has low cost and accurate product size, but its strength is rounder than that of fusion bonding products. Glass tiles can be applied to external walls or indoor partitions to provide good lighting effects and a sense of continuity of space. Whether it is used for a single piece of mosaic or a whole wall, it can have the finishing touch. Jinghua glass brick market installs glass bricks with mortar, from bottom to top, one by one, layer by layer, each layer is fixed by a positioning frame. After the building is completed, the module on the positioning frame is twisted off.

The advantages of Jinghua glass bricks: dustproof, moisture-proof, and condensation-proof, which are superior to ordinary double-layer glass. Jinghua glass bricks also have an excellent role in preventing fogging. For example, when the indoor temperature is 20 degrees Celsius and the humidity is 60%, the outdoor temperature will not be atomized even at minus 2 degrees Celsius, because of the thermal insulation performance, energy saving, and the refreshing atmosphere caused by the absence of atomization.

Jinghua glass brick also has high compressive strength, strong impact resistance, and high safety performance. In recent years, with the completion of the 2008 Water Cube National Swimming Pool and the massive application of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Joint Pavilion, this product has become more Popular interior and exterior decoration materials.

At present, the popular glass bricks on the market are mainly divided into solid glass and hollow glass bricks. Their varieties mainly include glass facing bricks, glass mosaic tiles (mosaic tiles) and glass hollow bricks.

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