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What are the types of glass block partitions?

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Glass brick is a very good decorative material. In home decoration, it is often used to make glass partitions, glass partition walls, glass curtain walls, etc. So what are the types of household glass brick partitions? Please see the introduction below.

  Type 1. Double-layer fog glass brick partition wall

  In order to obtain good lighting effects, sound insulation, heat insulation, energy saving, and a sense of continuity in the hazy, the double-layer fog glass brick partition wall for households has become a fashionable choice for some people to decorate the wall of the living room.

  Type 2. Hollow glass brick partition

  Hollow glass bricks are two pieces of glass glued together by sintering, and then the white glue is mixed with cement to close the side gap. The heat preservation, sound insulation, moisture proof, and poor light are most suitable for use. Once the construction is completed, the partitions of the two walls are completed, and the auxiliary materials only need cement and mortar.

  Type 3. Solid glass brick partition

  Solid glass bricks are formed by bonding two round concave glass bodies. At present, domestic manufacturers of such glass bricks are small workshop manufacturers. Due to the relatively high quality of such bricks, they can only be pasted on the wall. Or it can be used only when it is attached to other reinforced frame structures. It can only be used as an interior decorative wall, so the amount is relatively small.

  Type 4. Handmade art glass brick partition

  Handmade art glass bricks have the permeability of ordinary glass bricks, and at the same time, the delicate patterns depict an artistic beauty. This kind of home partition design makes the whole wall more vivid. The unique color changes made by hand can add points to the decoration of the home space, and are works of art integrated with the overall environment.

  The thickness of handmade art glass bricks is relatively thin, about 2 cm, which is characterized by higher decorative composition, but it can also create a good lighting change effect. Under a certain amount of light, hand-made art glass shows a uniform and soft light source by meticulous handwork, providing a comfortable visual environment.

  Type 5. Glass mosaic tile partition

  Glass mosaic tiles, or glass mosaics, are a small material. In addition to being used for partition walls, there are also figures on the outer walls, floors, etc. The size is generally 20×20×4mm, the back is slightly concave, and the sides are inclined. The glass mosaic wall is non-absorbent, smooth surface, easy to clean, economical, beautiful, practical, small size, light weight, simple and convenient construction.

  Type 6. Glass partition wall

  The popular glass partitions on the market generally include clear glass partitions, patterned glass partitions, and mirror clearing partitions. If auxiliary techniques such as lighting and running water are added to the glass partition surface, there will be vivid and unique effects. These glass partitions can prevent the vision from being hindered by the partitions, so that the space changes more and more, but the amount of air conditioning does not need to change, and the size of the space does not need to be adjusted.

  Although the patterned glass partition wall can't be as clear as the clear glass partition wall, its privacy is very good, and the reflection on the surface is easy to make people feel unreal. Therefore, it is widely used in entrances, toilets, etc. . The use of clear mirrors for partition walls in the home is the most effective way to increase the visual area, because the reflection effect of the mirror surface can increase the visual experience of the living space, and the proper use can make the small area of the room extra spacious and transparent.

  Note: Generally, if the purity of glass bricks is not enough, the color of glass bricks will be green and lack of natural transparency. That is, the purity of glass will affect the color of the whole brick. The higher the purity of glass bricks, the higher the relative price. Most of the glass brick partitions sold on the market today are imported products, mainly in Southeast Asia, Germany, Japan and Italy, with prices ranging from more than ten yuan to hundreds of yuan. The most expensive and best color imported from Italy.

  In fact, in home decoration, whether it is a single mosaic or a whole wall using glass bricks, there will be a very brilliant effect; at the same time, the two adjacent functional space walls are changed to glass brick partitions, which expands the visual sense of the space It also adds a sense of novelty, especially suitable for small apartment decoration.

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