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A brief history of the development of glass blocks

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The glass block was invented in 1929. Compressed into high-temperature glass and formed by two semi-finished blanks, the Corning-Stenben glass block and the Owens-Illinois glass block became a patented predecessor of Pilkington Brothers Ltd. my country had trial production in 1959. Due to historical reasons, this building material had not been formally produced, promoted and applied in my country until 1990. Since the introduction of the first hollow glass block production line from the former West German Porting Company in October 1993 in Anshan Glass Factory, a total of seven production lines were built within a few years at that time, and the annual output exceeded 20 million pieces. Later, with the increasingly fierce market competition, coupled with the industry's lack of promotion efforts, the survival of the fittest, the normal operation of the factory, there were few chats, the annual output was less than 10 million, and the quality was uneven, and the construction technology of various construction units also had great problems. The image of hollow glass block is greatly reduced.

Breaking this deadlock is Dezhou Zhenhua Decorative Glass Co., Ltd. With years of exploration and actual combat, the company participated in the formulation of glass block industry standards, participated in the compilation of glass block construction atlas, really from the perspective of hollow glass block industry, actively engaged in glass block Promotion.

In recent years, due to the rapid development of China's economy, the national economy and tourism have developed vigorously, especially after the success of the bid for the Olympic Games and the accession to the WTO, there are more and more high-end public and civil buildings. The building decoration material has become a new favorite of designers, builders and homes, especially the Jinghua glass block produced by Dezhou Zhenhua Decorative Glass Co., Ltd., which has attracted much attention.

Nowadays, from public construction to civil construction to home improvement, the application of glass blocks is becoming more and more extensive. For example, the famous projects such as the Water Cube National Swimming Pool, the United Nations Pavilion at the World Expo, and the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center all use hollow glass blocks. Started to try the Western style, boldly using hollow glass blocks, so that the hollow glass blocks really entered the home improvement.

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