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Application range of glass block

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Glass bricks are used for external walls: they have both wall solidity and window transparency, and more are light transmission, sound insulation, and fire prevention. Hollow glass bricks can be used for the outer body of high-end office buildings, hotels and other large places.

Glass bricks are used for partitioning: use glass brick walls to decorate the partitions, which can not only divide the large space, but also maintain the integrity of the large space. This is a smart design that can bring dramatic effects, that is, to achieve privacy and maintain indoor Transparent feeling. Isn't the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, toilet, office space, etc. the ideal occasions for applying glass bricks?

Glass bricks are used in corridors and passages: they are used in corridors to solve the contradiction between lighting and safety. Only one glass brick wall is needed even if the wall is a window. To reduce the sense of depression in the space, the application of glass bricks in this respect will never undermine the mission.

Glass bricks are used for inlaying and embellishment: glass bricks are regularly decorated in the wall, erasing the rigidity and heavyness of the wall, making people feel that the whole wall is lightened and the whole building is full of living spirit. On the other hand, the wall with the application of glass bricks must borrow the light of the next door, and it will no longer require the ancients to "chisel the wall". Full use of the transparency of glass bricks will bring more surprises to your home.

Glass tiles are used for ceilings and floors: the use of glass tiles to treat the ground and ceiling can not only create a crystal clear feeling for the entire floor, but also provide good light.

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